Reach Night/Summer Hangs Sr.

Reach Night : Summer Hangs Sr.

This Wednesday night we are combining Reach Night with Summer Hangs Sr.!  Reach Night services are special evangelistic services where we encourage students to invite their friends who do not know Jesus to RSM because we will be focusing our service on reaching the unreached!  If you have a student going into 9-12 grade then after this special service they are invited to join us over at Round 1 (7850 Mentor Ave Suite 200A Mentor, OH 44060; At the Great Lakes Mall) till 10pm.  They must provide their own transportation to and from this event, and we estimate they will need $20 while they are there.


Summer Hangs Middle

Summer Hangs Middle.jpg

Our next Summer Hangs is coming up this Wednesday (7/18) at Scores Fun Center (65 Normandy Dr. Painesville OH 44060).  If you have a student going into grades 6-8 then you are going to want to make sure that they are apart of this great event!  After RSM on Wednesday night we will be meeting over at Scores Fun Center for some bowling and laser tag!  Wednesday nights are dollar nights at Scores so your student will be able to do 1 round of laser tag, and 2 games of bowling for $5!  You will need to provide transportation to and from Scores.  We will be meeting at Scores at 8:45pm and will finish at 10pm.  Hope to see you there!

Upcoming Events


There is a lot going on in the month of June @ RSM.  Here is what you need to know:

  • NO RSM Service tonight 6/27/18
  • NO RSM Service next week 7/4/18
  • We will be having our regular RSM Service starting at 7pm on 7/11/18
  • On July 15th we will be having worship team auditions!  If your student can play an instrument or can sing and would like to join our worship team then you can check out the information here: Worship Team Auditions Information and sign up here:–hrYvEbUYnP6iPxGdgCDcLPhf8e8vmWZSdKR5to/edit?usp=sharing
  • Next Summer Hangs Middle School (grades 6-8) will be on 7/18/18
  • Next Summer Hangs Sr. (grades 9-12) will be on 7/25/18
  • We will be encouraging students to invite their unsaved friends to a special Reach Night on 7/25/18
  • On 7/28/18 we will be having a Speed-the-Light Car Wash here at the church to raise money for missions
  • On 8/1/18 we are starting a new series called Squad about how our friends determine our future.

We have a lot going on at RSM this summer and I want to make sure you and your students are aware of everything we have planned for them!

Summer Hangs Sr.

Summer Hangs Sr

Tomorrow night after our RSM service we are having Summer Hangs Sr.  Summer Hangs Sr. is a special after church hangout time for high school students (students going into grades 9-12).  After our RSM service we are going to be headed over to Fairport Harbor Beach (301 Huntington Beach Dr. Fairport Harbor, OH 44077).  Parents & students are responsible for their own transportation to and from Summer Hangs Sr.  This event will go from 8:30-10pm tomorrow evening.  We will be playing volleyball, grilling hotdogs, playing kan jam, and having a great time!  If you are a parent of a high school student or know a high school student make sure you get them to Summer Hangs Sr. tomorrow night!  Students are required to dress modestly even if they are swimming (girls modest one piece swim suits only & guys no speedos).  The guard at the gate stops working at 7:30pm so there will be no cost for parking.  Please make the arrangements to pick up your high school student at Fairport Harbor Beach at 10pm.  See you then!

Summer Hangs Jr.

Summer Hangs Jr.jpg

Tomorrow night after RSM is our first Summer Hangs Jr.  If you have a middle schooler (grades 6-8), know a middle schooler, or are a middle schooler then you need to know that tomorrow night from 8:30-10pm we will be hanging out here at the church.  We will be playing basketball, kan jam, spike ball, corn hole, making S’Mores, eating popsicles, and evening building a temporary gaga pit to play gaga ball!  This is going to be an extra fun night just for middle schoolers!  Please make arrangements to pick up your middle schooler at 10pm after Summer Hangs Jr.  See you then!

Q & A Night

Q & A

Tonight at RSM we are having a Q & A Night.  We have collected questions from students over the past few weeks and tonight we are going to be answering those questions!

Tonight is also a special night at RSM because we will be having a special BBQ cookout style dinner!  So you don’t have to worry about dinner tonight, bring your students out to RSM for Q & A night!

Swipe Right Series


Tomorrow RSM is starting a new series Swipe Right based on the book by Pastor Levi Lusko that you can purchase here:  Unfortunately, in the world we live in, it is nearly impossible to shelter our students from everything out there that the enemy wants to use to harm them.  Instead of sheltering our students, we should be training our students to make wise and righteous decisions about how to live.  According to the Crimes Against Children Research Center at the University of New Hampshire, 42% of online users ages 10-17 had seen pornography online, and 66% of those who had seen it had done so without looking for it.  It seems as though sex is thrown into our students faces just about everywhere they go and this series will attempt to equip students with what they need to live a life of holiness in a culture that despises holiness.

In the first week of this series, we will be discussing the text Hebrews 12:16-17 and talking about how Esau traded instant gratification for God’s plan for his life.  In this sermon titled, You Don’t Want What The Devils Got Cooking In His Crock Pot we will discuss with students that it is always a bad idea to trade instant gratification for future promises.  In the second week of this series, we will be discussing the text 1 Corinthians 6:12-20 and debunk the lies this world teaches about sex such as sex is just a physical activity, I can do what I want and still have what God wants, and I’ve already messed up so there is no hope for me now.  In this message titled The Things We Carry we will learn that the Bible teaches that each one of us has to lug what we load.  That we don’t get things “out of our system” by doing them, rather that is what gets them “into our system.”  The third and final message in this series will discuss the courtship of Isaac and Rebekah found in Genesis 24.  Students will learn in this message that the best way to find the person God has for you is by being the person that God intends you to be!  We will talk about how Jesus hasn’t called us to “play the field,” but rather He has called us to work the field (“Then He said to His disciples, ‘The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.’” Matthew 9:37).

As you can see, this series will not be graphic, nor will it be a sexual education class.  The purpose of this series is to teach students that your instant desires can impact your ultimate destiny.  That you can protect your future by following God’s plans now.  I am not a parent, nor do I claim to know the first thing about parenting, but I would encourage you to talk to your student about these things over the next week in preparation of this series.  If you have any questions about this series please contact me at 440-354-6805 or

RSM’s Going to the Movies


On Thursday March 29th RSM is going to the movies to see the box-office hit I Can Only Imagine.  The movie is about the life of Bart Millard, lead singer of the band Mercy Me and writer of the incredibly successful song I Can Only Imagine.  This powerful Christian movie will help your student see the importance of forgiveness and the power of redemption.

We will be meeting at the Great Lakes Atlas Cinemas 16 (7860 Mentor Ave) beside the mall at 4:30pm on Thursday March 29th.  We will see the 4:50 showing which will end at 6:40pm.  Please be prepared to pick up your student at 6:40pm.  The tickets cost $10 so be sure your student comes to the movie with $10 and extra money for snacks if they would like.

Kirk Cameron: CONNECT

Kirk Cameron’s new film is about “real help for parenting kids in a social media world.” We thought this would be a great resource for parents as teenagers are increasingly spending more and more time on social media.

The movie will only shown for two days (February 27th and March 1st) and at limited locations. Check out the link below for more info and to watch the trailer.

If this is something that you and your family struggle with, we encourage you to see this film.

Kirk Cameron: CONNECT